ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Review | Best Headphone Under 500 Rupees!

ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Review of Wired Headphones and their Box Content, Build Quality, Mic Quality, Sound Quality, Headband and Adjustable Mic Review. Features & Specifications of ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM. Pros & Cons of ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones with Mic.

ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Review

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Box Content 

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Box look is Simple and Secure. Box only Contains One Main Unit Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones. Because in this price range, we can't expect Good Quality of Box.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Build Quality

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Build Quality is little bit decent. Build quality is not so good. Surface is made up of the laminated surface. But we can't expect premium quality in this price Range, but it is sufficient in this price.

    Zebronics Zeb-200HM Review

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Adjustable Headband 

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM had Adjustable Headband System, which was good in this price. Because only some Headphones had Adjustable Headband system.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Adjustable Microphone

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM had Microphone feature. Headphone have Microphone in this price range is unique. And main part that is, It has Adjustable Mic System. We had get gopd opportunity to Zebronics Zeb-200HM review - this amazing Headphones.

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    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Compatible Devices

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Device Supports to

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Microphone

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM is good and amazing. Having Mic in Headphone in this price range is one of the uniques think. Adjustable mic Quality is Best in this price range. Audio record quality in this headphone is clear, and it will good for use for making youtube videos. ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Review is amazing review on our blog.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Sound Quality

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Sound quality is Amazing. We got good audio quality in this price. Audio is clear and best, It will really help you if you want cheap rate headphone.

    Zebronics Zeb-200HM Photo

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Bass Quality

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM bass quality is average, but you can easily use it for listening musics and watching Movies.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Gaming Experience

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Gaming experience is good. Because if we play games in Wired Headphones it will good. Because voice is directly appear to ears with wires.

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    Information about ZEBRONICS Brand

    ZEBRONICS is brand who special thinks about their Costumers and Users. Zebronics India Private Limited gives purchaser gadgets items. The Company offers IT and gaming peripherals, speakers, earphones, power banks, links, portable embellishments, and reconnaissance arrangements. Zebronics India serves clients in India. For more information visit zebronics.com

    Zebronics Zeb-200HM Features

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Features

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Microphone System

    Get astounding sound on Zebronics Zeb-200HM wired earphone with movable mic. The earphone arrives in an ergonomic plan with an ideal fit so you can work for broadened hours.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Dual 3.5mm Audio Jack

    The earphone accompanies double 3.5mm jack making it very viable with work area or workstations.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Adjustable Headband

    The earphone accompanies a flexible headband and delicate ear cups giving you adequate customization regarding solace.

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Drivers & Cable lenght

    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM had Audio driver size is 40mm. Cable lenght of ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM headphones is 1.8m. Which are Good in this Price

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    ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM Wired Headphones Specifications

    1. Sensitivity: 105dB
    2. Audio Driver Size: 40mm 
    3. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
    4. Connector type: Dual 3.5mm jack
    5. Cable length: 1.8m
    6. Microphone Sensitivity: -58dB ± 2dB
    7. Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
    8. Microphone Impedance: 1.2kΩ

    Zebronics Zeb-200HM Specifications

    Pros & Cons ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM

    Pros Of ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM

    • Low Price
    Adjustable Mic
    • Adjustable Headband
    • Sound Quality is Clear
    • Wired
    • Dual 3.5mm Audio Jack
    • Easy to Use

    Cons of ZEBRONICS Zeb-200HM

    • Build Quality
    • Easily Break

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