Sony WH-CH510 Review | Best Headphone Under 2500 Rupees!

Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Review. Sound Quality, Build Quality, Look & Design, Battery, Microphone Review. Sony WH-CH510 performance, Features & Specs and Pros & Cons of WH-CH510 Sony. Information of Sony WH-CH510.

Everyone Loves to Listen Music. In every mood like Romantic, Happy, Sad, Angry we listen Music. Thus, we are here to do some Review of Sony WH-CH510 Headphones. We will talk about everything related to Sony WH-CH510 Headphones. Sony WH-CH510 Launched on 24th December 2020 with Best Battery Backup.Sony WH-CH510 Is Wireless Headphone with Mic and Bluetooth Connection.

Sony WH-CH510 Headphone Review

    Sony WH-CH510 Box Content Review

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Packaging of box is so premium and secured. Sony always deliver good packaging.
    Box Contents -
    • Headphone (Main Unit)
    • USB Type C (for charging)
    • User manual

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Review | Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Features & specs

    Sony WH-CH510 Build Quality Review

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones build quality is passable. Body of headphone is made up of plastic, but I don't think they will break easily. But in the price build quality is decent and it looks cheap build quality which made up of cheap materials like Plastic.

    Sony WH-CH510 Look & Design Review

    Sony WH-CH510 Look and design is basic and It looks straightforward cheap design. Look is very simple but it is good for daily uses it can easily fit over the head.

    Sony WH-CH510 Controls & Buttons Review

    Sony WH-CH510 controls are easy to use. On the Right side of Earcup there are three buttons. Middle one is for play/pause or on/off. Another two is for volume control.
     Along with that on the alongside of button there is charging port for charging (USB Type C).

    Sony WH-CH510 Review By BigMusic

    Sony WH-CH510 Microphone Review

    Sony WH-CH510 had in-built Microphone. It has Good Microphone quality.Clarity of microphone is good and it is easy to listen. It is easy to use will calling. It help for making Youtube videos.
    Omnidirectional and Stereo is technology used in Microphone. Overall mic Quality is Awesome.

    Sony WH-CH510 Sound Quality Review

    If we talk about Sony WH-CH510 sound quality, It was Amazing in this price range. Sony always provide best bass experience. Sound quality make headphones Awesome. Bass Is Extreme. And voice is clear. It make fun will watching movies, youtube videos.
    Sony WH-CH510 gaming experience is also good. It support high quality games like BGMI, Call Of Duty, etc.
    Bass is Best, Hence surrounding Noise is easily cancel by the Sony WH-CH510 bass. Noise Cancellation system is good.
    Overall sound Quality is Best and Enjoyable.

    Sony WH-CH510 Battery Life Review

    Sony WH-CH510 Battery Life is On the Top in parameter of Battery Backup. Because Sony WH-CH510 come with upto 35 hours of playtime.
    If we charge it for 10 minutes it can easily gave upto 90 minutes of Runtime.If we charge it full it can easily gave upto 35 hours of playtime.
    Battery Cell Composition is made up of ‎Lithium Ion. Overall Battery Quality is Amazing.

    Overall performance of Sony WH-CH510 Headphones is good. Sound quality, Bluetooth Connectivity,battery life, Microphone, Audio Quality is Good and premium.

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Features & Specs

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Earcups Review

    Son wh-ch510 earcup's cushion is soft and Comfortable. There is no pain in ear, if we use it for long time. But, size of earcups is little bit small. If you like small size earcups headphones you can go through it. But If you don't like small size earcups you can checkout JBL Tune 500BT Review.

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphone Features

    • Comfortable & Stable
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Upto 35 hours Battery Life
    • Buttons make listening music easy
    • Easy Hands free calls
    • Voice assistant system
    • In-built Microphone
    • Fast Charging
    • Flexible & Fordable

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Features

    Pros And Cons of Sony WH-CH510 Headphone

    Pros Of Sony WH-CH510 Headphones

    • Battery Life is Good
    • Fast Charging System
    • Bass Experience
    • Microphone Quality
    • Audio Clarity
    • Stable Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Easy to use

    Cons of Sony WH-CH510 Headphones

    • Look is Simple and Cheap
    • Build quality looks cheap

    Physical Information About Sony WH-CH510 Headphone

    Devices Support Sony WH-CH510 (Compatible Devices)

    Smartphones,Music Production Equipment, Laptops, Desktop ,Gaming Consoles, Computers, Tablets are the devices that can easily connect to the Sony WH-CH510 headphones.

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Information

    Sony WH-CH510 Weight | Sony WH-CH510 Dimensions

    Weight of Sony WH-CH510 is 132 gram and is Lightweight device. Dimensions of Device is ‎17 x 4 x 19 cm.

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Price In India

    In India Price is not constant but if you want to check Link given above.

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones Release Date

    Sony WH-CH510 Headphones release on date of 24th December 2020.

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