Mivi Doupods F60 Earbuds Review | Best Earbuds Under 1500 Rupees!

Mivi F60 Review about Box Content of F60, Look & Design, Build Quality, Bluetooth Connectivity, Sound Quality, Microphone quality Review. Features and Specifications and Pros and Cons of Mivi Doupods F60. 

If you are confused, which earbuds are Best earbuds under 1,500 rupees, then this review is best for you, because Mivi introduced a nee earbuds that is Mivi Duopods ENC F60. Mivi Duopods ENC F60 launched on 25th April 2022. Mivi Doupods F60 Price is 1,299 rupees. Mivi brand is famous for Making products which Made in India.

Mivi Doupods F60 Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Earbuds Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Box Content Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Box look so premium with Mat - black finish with extra touch of green colour. On the back side of there were written features and specs about product. Box contain contents One warranty card, Thank you card from Mivi, user manual which give information about process how to use it.

Mivi Doupods f60 Box Content

Along with that accessories - USB type C charging cable and also extra silicon eartips are present on the box. Other than this main device that is Mivi Doupods F60 present in the box.

Mivi Doupods F60 Look & Design Review

If you talk about Mivi Duopods F60 look & design. Design is basic and it has circular body. Glossy finishis also one of the reason I like this earbuds. Glossy finish on your earbuds look amazing.

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Mivi Doupods F60 Build Quality

Mivi Doupods F60 build quality is so decent. It looks nice in glossy finish, but glossy finish can easily catches scratches. Size of the body is a little bit Big and Large, which affect on fitting. Fitting of Mivi duopods F60 is decent. I don't say that fitting is best but it was good for normal use and also it is good for running or jogging purposes. Overall build quality is pretty good in this price range.

Mivi Doupods f60 Look And Design

Mivi Doupods F60 Bluetooth Connectivity Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Bluetooth connectivity is Awesome. Bluetooth connectivity is used of 5.1 version (which was latest). It can easily catches connection range of mobile, PC, laptop, If was under 10 meters range.

Mivi Doupods F60 Water Resistant Rating Review

Mivi Doupods F60 water resistant rating is good. It has IPX4 rating which can easily handle normal sweat or moisture drops.

Mivi Doupods F60 Battery Life Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Battery life is best of all time. 500 mAh battery is present in doupods, which was one of the reason that this earbuds are best in this price range. In 10 minute charge it can easily play around 7 to 8 hours. If you fully charged with it, It will give 50 hours playback time which was strong battery performance.

Mivi Doupods f60 Battery Life

Mivi Doupods F60 Sound Quality Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Sound Quality is Awesome. Doupods F60 contains 12 mm Audio driver. Bass of earbuds was strong. Listening Bass in this is fun. Sound clarity is little bit weak. But Overall Bass Quality is extreme. Mivi Doupods F60 call quality is essential. And You'll become fan of it.Sound quality of Mivi Doupods F60 is worth it.

Mivi Doupods F60 Microphone Quality Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Microphone Quality is Amazing and Usable. F60 Doupods contains 4 inbuilt microphones if you want fully noise cancellation it will help you because ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) system is present which cancel surrounding noise. If you want good microphone quality you have to absolutely go through it.

Mivi Doupods F60 Gaming Experience Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Gaming Quality is kind of decent. I didn't recommend it for Gaming perspective or gaming purposes. If you want headphones for gaming so I recommend JBL Tune 500BT. If you play normal games it will be good, but if you try games like BGMI or High quality games, it will be not recommended. I recommend it for just listening songs, watching movies or other purposes.

Mivi Doupods F60 Button & Controls Review

Mivi Doupods F60 Buttons are Simple. Controls provides good touch settings. Volume control given which was good. If you hold it on right ear side, It will go for increase. If you hold on left it will go for decrease volume. If you want to play or pause, single tap for play as well as pause. If you double tap on right ear side, it will go forward. On single touch call can easily received.

Mivi Doupods F60 Features & Specifications 

  • In-built Microphone System :Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Battery Life: 50 Hrs (At Mid Volume)
  • Four In-built Microphone System
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC)
  • IPX4 Water Resistant
  • Comfortable & LightWeight
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Charging time: 1 hours
  • Touch Controls Voice Assistant (Google, Siri)

Pros And Cons Of Mivi Doupods F60

Pros Of Mivi Doupods F60

  • Extreme Bass Experience
  • Stable Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Best Microphone Quality
  • 50 hours battery playtime
  • Water Resistant
  • Easy to Use

Cons Of Mivi Doupods F60

  • Gaming Experience
  • Size of Earbuds

Pros and Cons of Mivi Doupods F60

Mivi Doupods F60 Conclusion 

If I conclude Mivi Doupods F60 with price range. In the price is Best earbuds. Build Quality, Microphone Quality, Sound Quality is good. Bass level is extreme and strong. For calling purposes it is one of the best earbuds.

Mivi Doupods F60 Price in India

Mivi Doupods F60 is valuable in this Price 1,399 rupees. Mivi Doupods F60 Price in India is not constant, but According to month of June 2022 - Mivi F60 Price is 1,399 Rupees in Flipkart. Dong Mivi earbuds review is one of the best experience for life.

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