Boat Rockerz 510 Review | Best Headphone Under 1200 Rupees!

Boat Rockerz 510 Headphone Review. Boat Rockerz Features and Specs, Pros And Cons of Boat Rockerz 510.Look & Design, Built Quality, Sound Quality, Bluetooth Connectivity Speed, Microphone Quality, Battery Life Review. Information of Boat Rockerz 510.

Boat Rockerz 510 Bluetooth headset launched in the budget price range in India. The boat is the largest audio equipment manufacturing company which gives us a variety of audio instrument. Here we are doing review of Boat rockerz 510. And we will see box content, look and design, build quality, sound quality, Microphone quality, battery quality of Boat Rockerz 510 and also see some cool features we will look forward to. If you want Total information about boat rockerz 510 review read full review of it.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Headphone Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 Box Content Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 box looks so it contains main headphone Box also product contains and Boat contact card one year warranty Aux cable is also premium that is user manuals It also card. has 3.5 mm present in the box.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 Look and Design Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 looks so premium and design was very awesome. It looks like Gaming headphones. Headband has logo of Boat brand and logo is also present on both the earcups. Overall look was better in this price range.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Build quality Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 build quality was very good. It not look cheap quality, It looks like standard quality. Headphones are si comfortable for daily use. Earcups are very good for gaming and listening songs, beacause is premium. Hence Earcups are comfortable.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Controls Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 buttons are Friendly. On the right side of earcups their are four buttons they are up, down, to make song front and to make songs back. Above this buttons their are lights, which gave headphone Premium look.

    Boat Rockerz 510 USB Cable Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 has Micro USB cable for charging and present on the right side of earcup. There is one port for connect USB cable. On the opposite side of USB cable connector, there is switch for On and Off the Headphone.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Microphone Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 also has Microphone. It is present below the buttons of power On and Off. There is Cable Connector for Microphone. Behind Microphone Connector, their is port for Aux Cable.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Sound Quality Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 Sound Quality was very Good and Clear. It make listening of Song very fun. Bass was very awesome in this price range. Vocals can clearly and easily listened. Boat Rockerz 510 contains 50mm audio driver which was great in this price range.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Battery Quality Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 contains 4000 mAh Battery, which can easily gave upto 20 hours playtime. For Full Charging 1.5 hours are enough for charging. By the Way Battery Quality was Good in this Price Range.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Aux Cable Review

    Boat Rockerz 510 Aux Cable quality is premium. It is use for Make Wired Earphones. Aux Cable Stands for Auxiliary Connector. Boat Rockerz 510 had Good Aux Jack.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Image

    Boat Rockerz 510 Headphone Features

    Boat Rockerz 510 gave backup of battery Upto 20 hours and stand by upto 250 minutes. Also It Has 50 mm Audio Drivers which are great.
    boAt Rockerz 510 is one of the lightest in its class. It was very comfortable and Lightweight.
    Boat Rockerz 510 comes with Dual Connectivity, wireless via its bluetooth and wired with its aux port. Also Some Features are
    Android Phone Control, IOS Phone Control, Lightweight, Volume-Control, Microphone Feature.

    Is boat Rockerz 510 Good For Gaming

    If you think that boat rockerz 510 good for gaming, Our answer is that it depends on you. If you play Ver High Quality Games in Mobile like GTA 5 then in this criteria this will not possible. But If you play games like BGMI, FreeFire, Call of Duty, etc. then their will not problem about Gaming Latency. Sound of Footsteps and Enemy sound will easily audible.

    Boat Rockerz 510 Headphone Verdict

    Boat Rockerz 510 Build Quality and Look make headphones Best in this price range. Because in this Price not much headphones are available. That's why I recommend Boat Rockerz 510 purchase for Gaming and Watching Movies Purposes.

    Pros And Cons Of Boat Rockerz 510

    Pros Of Boat Rockerz 510

    • Wired+Wireless Connection Support
    • Premium Look And Design
    • Lightweight & Comfortable
    • Heavy & Industry’s Best Bass
    • Smart Control Board for Calls.
    • Has Clear Audio
    • Huge 400 mAh battery with 10 hours backup
    • Easy to use

    Cons of Boat Rockerz 510

    • Noise Cancellation is not great but Good in this Price Range.

    Boat Rockerz 510

    FAQ Realted To Boat Rockerz 510

    1. Is boat rockerz 510 good for gaming?

    Yes, It was Good For Gaming as well as for watching movies and listening Songs.

    2. Is boat rockerz 510 waterproof or not?

    No, It is not Water Resistant.

    3. Which boat rockerz is good for gaming?

    Boat Rockerz 261 is Best For Gaming

    4. Is boAt an Indian brand?

    Yes, Boat is Indian Brand Established in 2015, and CEO of Boat Is Aman Gupta.

    5. Is boat rockerz 510 good for online classes?

    Yes, It was Good for Online Classes.

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