Boat Rockerz 425 Review | Best Headphones Under 1500 Rupees!

Boat Introduced one of the Best Headphones under 1500 Rupees, that is 'Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone'. Boat 425 come with nice features and Specifications.

Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone Review about Sound Quality, Build Quality, Battery Life, Box Content of product, Microphone Quality and Gaming Experience of 425 headset. Boat Rockerz 425 features are also present in this article. Specifications and Pros & Cons of Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone Review

    Boat Rockerz 425 Box Content

    Box Contents of Boat 425 are -
    • Boat Rockerz 425 (Main Unit)
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card
    • USB Type C Charging Cable
    • Boat Sticker

    Boat Rockerz 425 Review
    Boat Rockerz 425 Review

    Boat Rockerz 425 Look & Design

    Boat Rockerz 425 look & design is fancy and attractive. On both the earcups their were one attractive design which looks so awesome. Boat 425 headphone come with rotating earmuffs system. They provide us decent comfort, but It will so capable in this Price Range.

    Overall Look & Design is Awesome and Premium. Boat 425 is one of the Best Headphones Under 1500 Rupees in India. Boat Rockerz 425 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones available in three different colours. Colours of Boat rockerz 425 are -

    • Active Black
    • Ash Grey
    • Ocean Blue

    Boat Rockerz 425 Build Quality

    Boat Rockerz 425 build quality is decent and average. Earcups had Premium Cushion, they are soft and Comfortable. Earmuffs are rotates and they are made up of plastic.If we take Boat 425 in Hands it feel good and Simplistic. The Headband (Headrest) and Earcups Cushions are Soft and Capable. The controller made up of strong Material,thus it is Non-breakable. Overall Build Quality is Awesome, Strong and Usable.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Microphone Quality

    Boat Rockerz 425 Bluetooth Headphones reach with In-built Microphone. Quality of Microphone is pretty Good and Amazing. If we talk about mic then we really interest in mic. Because Boat 425 mic interesting.

    Outdoor Mic quality is also good and it will help for Making Youtube Videos. This are Best Headphones For Making Youtube Videos under 2000 Rupees in 2022 for India. Boat Rockerz 425 Review is one of the best review, because it has Nice Mic system.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Gaming Latency

    This Headphones has Good gaming quality and Boat Rockerz Wireless Bluetooth Headphone had special provided Gaming Mode. While playing Games like Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI), Free Fire or Call of duty sound quality detailed and provide nice Boat 425 Gaming experience.

    Boat 425 headphones provides Best Mode for Gaming Purposes and Boat Brand gave Low latency system with Dedicated Buttons. It will easily connect to Computer or Laptop (PC). Audio of footsteps or location of enemy can easily Capture by Rockerz 425.

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    Boat Rockerz 425 Sound Quality

    Boat Rockerz 425 Sound Quality is Amazing and Clear. Because Boat Rockerz 425 Wireless Headphones had 40mm Audio drivers. It provide good sound output. Rockerz 425 come with ENx Technology System, due to this boat 425 feature Calls sound are clear and heard across all ears.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Review
    Boat Rockerz 425 Look & Design

    Vocals are Clear, Mid, Instrumental, High separation are best and better than other headphones in this price range. 425 boat had Amazing feature,that is boAt Signature sound system. Overall Boat 425 sound quality while listening music, watching movies or videos ia Awesome.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Battery Life

    Total Playback Time of Boat 425 Bluetooth Headphone is Upto 25 hours. 425 headphone come with ASAP charge with USB Type C system. If you charge it for 10 minutes and gave upto 10 hours pf playtime. Overall Battery Quality of Boat Rockerz 425 is amazing.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Compatible Devices
    Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone support to devices like Mobile (Android), Computer (PC), Laptop.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Review
    Boat Rockerz 425 Features 

    Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone Features

    • Boat Signature Sound
    • Bluetooth 5.0V
    • Voice Assistant (Google, Siri)
    • 40mm Audio Driver
    • Look & Design is Awesome
    • Beast Gaming Mode
    • Asap Charging

    Boat Rockerz 425 Headphone Price In India

    Boat Rockerz 425 price is not constant, they were fluctuate. According Month June 2022 boat 425 price is 1,299 Rupees in India on Amazon.

    Boat Rockerz 425 Specifications

    Connector Type Wireless
    Bluetooth 5.0 Version
    Control Type Voice Control
    Form Factor Over Ear
    Battery 25 hours playtime
    Audio Driver Size 40mm Driver
    Weight 245 grams
    Dual pair system Yes

    Pros And Cons of Boat Rockerz 425

    Pros of Boat Rockerz 425

    • Beast Mode
    • Low Latency system
    • Look is attractive
    • 25 hours Playtime
    • Voice Assistant support
    • Amazing Sound Quality
    • Comfortable

    Cons of Boat Rockerz 425

    • Build quality is decent

    Boat Rockerz 425 Review
    Boat Rockerz 425 Goods & Bads

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