Boat Rockerz 370 Review | Wireless Headphones Under 1000 Rupees

Boat Rockerz 370 On- Ear Headphone Review about Sound Quality, Look & Design, Build Quality, Features, Specification, Box Content, Comfort, Battery Life, Gaming Experience & Latency, Cushion Review. Pros And Cons of Product.

Boat Brand Introduced there headphones Under 1000 Rupees. So we are here to do Review of Product, Outlining Features & Specifications of Boat 370. I hope you will read whole Review (Article), and If you Like Headphone you Go through Given Link. In this Article we will notice Good points and Bad points of Boat Rockerz 370. This Item is Wireless Bluetooth Connected On- Ear Headphone With Mic.

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Specifications

    • Wireless System With in-built Microphone 
    • ‎Windows, iOS, Android Support
    • 12 Hours Playback Time
    • Dual Modes: Bluetooth & Aux System
    • Instant Bluetooth Connectivity 5.0 Version 
    • Cozy Padded Earcups
    • Ergonomically & Aesthetically Designed
    • 40mm Dynamic Drivers
    • Single press Voice Assistant Support (Siri, Google)

    Boat Rockerz 370 Review

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Review

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Box Content

    • Boat Rockerz 370 (Main Unit)
    • Charging Cable 
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Look & Design

    Boat Rockerz 370 Look is so So simple and Interesting. The design on Headphone is Simple. Simple Look so premium when you wear it. If you use While Travelling, it look Amazing. On both Earcups, there were Branding Logo of boAt Company.

    Design is Unique and Looks Different than any other headphones. Under 1000 Rupees, Look & Design is 10 of out 10 (My Opinion). If you want to buy cheap headphones under 1000, You Have to go through it.

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    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Build Quality

    Boat Rockerz 370 Build Quality is not much Good. The weight of Headphones is 137 grams, that means this Headphones are Lightweight. But Overall Body of Headphone is made up of Material Plastic. If you Use It Safely, then It will easily Run for Long time. But you didn't Use properly, then it will break easily.

    Overall Build Quality is not Good. If you want Good Build Quality, You have to Go for Sony WH-1000XM4 Headphones.

    Boat 370 Review

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Comfort

    This Headphones are On-Ear Headphones. Boat Rockerz 370 is Comfortable & Capable. Cushions present on both the earcups. Really cushions are comfortable & Soft .It has Cozy Padded Earcups. On the Headband side, there also cushions are present. With presence of cushions this headphones look premium. This product is Lightweight, thus you can easily use it for 3-4 hours.

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Buttons & Control

    Boat Rockerz 370 controls are simple and easy to use.On the Right hand side earcup, there are 3.5mm Jack (port) for putting Aux Cable and you can easily Connect it with your Smartphone. Beside that, there are port for Charging. Along this there are Three Buttons for -

    • Volume Up
    • Volume Down
    • Power ON/OFF & Skip/ Stop Songs.

    Boat 370

    Boat Rockerz 370  Headphone Battery Life

    Boat Rockerz 370 Battery life is Awesome in this price. The battery backup time 12 hours, that means it can easily run 10 hours. It take 2-2.5 hours for full charge. Battery present in product is 3000 mAh, which was great specification in this price Range.Standby time of Boat 370 Headphone is 180 hours

    Single Press Voice Assistant like Google, Siri, Alexa, etc. feature is also present in the headphones.

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Sound Quality

    Sound On Silent Rhythm Songs

    Let's talk about Boat Rockerz 370 sound quality best. If we talk silent rhythm songs, then this headphone play good role in that. Because all vocals, instruments listens so smooth and clear. There wer No Problems while listening Silent songs.

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    Sound On Bass / Beats Songs

    In this price range, this headphone bass and beasts listened very Good and Nice. Beats and Bass can easily listened Nicely and Beautifully.If you take songs in higher volume you can easily feel the bass and beats.

    Sound On Calls 

    Boat 370 Call quality is good. In this price we can't expect Best call quality. But this call quality is Good. But sometimes Voice didn't transfer to receiver.

    Boat Rockerz 370

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Microphone

    In-built Microphone is present in Headphones. Which common, but Good. In this Range Mic quality is good and Clear. You can easily talk on Call using this Headphones. You can use Mic to make videos on Youtube or while playing games like BGMI or Freefire to walk with Squad members.

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Gaming Latency

    We talk about Boat Rockerz 370 Latency, there were no problem for gaming latency. In normal Bluetooth Headphones had latency, that same latency is present in this product. As much as you play Games you can you can easily handle it. And you didn't feel any type of latency.

    Boat Rockerz 370 Features

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Features

    1. Active Noise Cancellation System (ANC)
    2. Voice Control System
    3. Windows, iOs, Android, Smartphone Support
    4. In-built Microphone
    5. Lightweight
    6. Aesthetic & Ergonomically Design
    7. 12 hours Playtime
    8. 3000 mAh Battery
    9. Bluetooth & Aux Dual Connection

    Boat Rockerz 370 is Good or Bad

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphones is good in 1,199  price in India. Because In this price range this kind of Headphones are available in India is Incredible. Sound Quality, Build Quality, Specifications and Features are Amazing and You can easily buy it without any problem. It will easily available in Amazon, if you want to buy please Checkout given link in article.

    Boat Rockerz 370 Headphone Pros & Cons

    Pros Of Boat Rockerz 370

    • Low Price but Good Product
    • Sound Quality is Awesome
    • Look is Amazing
    • Lightweight
    • ANC System
    • iOs Support
    • 12 hours of Battery Runtime
    • Dual Modes feature
    • Easy to Use

    Cons Of Boat Rockerz 370

    • Body is made up of Plastic
    • Transfer of Calls

    Boat 370 pros & cons

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