Boat Bassheads 900 Review | Best Headphone Under 1000 Rupees!

Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones Review of Look & Design, Build Quality, Controls and Buttons, Boat 900 Sound Quality, Audio review, Features of Boat 900 and Specs of Headphones. Pros and Cons of BoAt Bassheads 900 Headphones.

Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones is one of the Best Headphones who make place in the best headphones under 1000 Rupees. This Headphone is wired headphone. It is best selling headphone. There were many reasons behind why people like them. Thus we are here to tell some reasons and Do review of One the best Wired Headphone Boat Bassheads 900. The price is not much, hence people like it. Because in this price range this Headphone is masterpiece.

Boat Bassheads 900 Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Box Content Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones packing is simple and Beautiful. Colour of Box is Black and It looks so premium.

    Content that present in Boat Bassheads 900 box are 

    • Boat Bassheads 900 Headphone (Main Unit)
    • User Manual
    • Warranty Card
    • Special BoAt Sticker (Gift)

    Boat Bassheads 900 Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Build Quality Review 

    boAt Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones Build Quality is Good In this Price Range.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wire Build Quality Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wire Build Quality is Good and Premium. Build quality of Bassheads 900 wire is better and thick than any other Headphones in this price range.End of wire that means jack (port) of wire is made up of metal and it has best quality.

    At the part of port their were Spring, to make it flexible. Many of the people used headphone wire in worst way, hence It brakes from jack part side. Thus, There is Spring to do not brake from jack (port).

    Boat Bassheads Build Quality Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Body Build Quality Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 complete Body is made up of Fiber and It has decent build quality. But it has better quality in this price. On both earcups their are metal ring for better look & design.

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    Boat Bassheads 900 Look & Design Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones Look Is little bit fancy and interesting. It has Metal ring on Earcups and it looks amazing. Some spots present on earcups, which looks amazing. Overall Look & Design of Bassheads 900 is Awesome and Better.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wired Headphones are Compactful. Earcups will easily Rotates and Fordable. This feature is best in this price Range. You can easily carry them anywhere, because they are flexible.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Look Photo

    Boat Bassheads 900 Controls & Buttons Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones had one button with had Good Sensitivity quality in wire in middle part of Headphones.

    If you press button for one time song will stop. If you press button for two time will skip. The Problem in this Headphone is that they don't have buttons to increase volume or decrease volume. One press for receive calls.

    Boat Bassheads 900 controls & buttons

    Boat Bassheads 900 Microphone Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones Microphone quality is not only better but It is Best in this price.Availability of Microphone in Headphones in this price range is unique and good. 

    If you talk on Phone you will fully satisfy from Microphone quality. Voice will easily Transfer and receive. It will help for making videos for Youtube. If you can't afford Expensive Microphone.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Comfortable Review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Wired On Ear Headphones is Comfortable & Capable. On the head-rest of headphones, there is cushion. Cushion had premium and best quality.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Earcups had premium cushion with black finish. Size of earcups little bit small and tiny. It will not effect on comfort. But some people do not like small & tiny sized earcups.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Sound quality review

    Boat Bassheads 900 Sound Quality Review 

    Boat Bassheads 900 audio quality is better and Listening on that is Clear and Capable. It has 40mm Audio driver and they are awesome. Audio Sound Quality is best in this Price Range. Because we can't get Good Audio Quality Headphones or Earphones in this price.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Vocals Quality Review

    Vocal can easily listen and it has good audio quality in parameter of Vocals.

    Boat Bassheads 900 Bass Quality Review

    Bass quality is Good and Amazing. On the box their were written had Super Bass Quality. But it is not Super, they have Average Bass Quality. But We can't expect Best & Super Bass Quality in this price Range. Hence they are Good in this Price Range.

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    Boat Bassheads 900 Features

    1. Extreme Audio

    Boat Bassheads 900 has powerful sound quality with amazing bass and natural vocals. It had 40mm Neodymium audio drivers. It has has Good Gaming And Music listening experience.

    2. Compactness

    Easy to carry and Use. Easy to store anywhere. Headphones is specially made for listening musics.

    3. Sweatproof

    Boat Bassheads 900 comes with sweat proof feature. It is not water resistant but it has specs of sweatproof.

    4. 3.5mm Audio Jack

    In the form of compatible jack the cable has 3.5mm audio jack. It has in-built Microphone. And also had Good Playback of Calls & Musics.

    5. Compatible Devices

    It can easily support to Android, Ios. The special feature is that is easily support to PC or Laptop.

    BoAt Bassheads 900 Features

    Boat Bassheads 900 Specifications

    1. Android Phone Control
    2. IOS Phone Control
    3. Tangle-Free Cord
    4. Lightweight
    5. Foldable
    6. Microphone Feature

    boAt Bassheads 900 specifications

    Pros and Cons Of Boat Bassheads 900 

    Pros of BoAt Bassheads 900

    • Low Price 
    • Look & Design is Amazing and Fancy
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable & Capable
    • Microphone is Present
    • PC & Laptop support
    • Sweatproof

    Cons Of Bassheads 900

    • Not water resistant
    • Bass is average

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    FAQ Of Boat Bassheads 900

    1. Are bassheads 900 good?
    Yes, It is Amazing choice if you buy it. Because it was amazing headphones under 800 rupees. If you want to buy wired and low budget range headphones it will a great choice to buy it.

    2. Is boAt bassheads 900 good for PUBG?
    Yes, It will absolutely made for gaming like pubg, free fire, call of duty and many more. Because the audio quality is such a amzing and if you play pubg all foot-step noise will easily listen.

    3. Is boAt Basshead 900 waterproof?
    No, boAt Bassheads are not Waterproof or Water resistant but they were sweatproof. If you use it while running or jogging, there will not any effect on Bassheads 900 headphones.

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